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Bridging business needs with creative marketing

Helping B2B start-ups and scale-ups execute their digital strategy and marketing. Curious how?

I'm a jack-of-all-trades in digital marketing, business and IT - but that doesn't make me a one-man circus. The real ✨magic✨ lies in my ability to marry a robust business background with a flair for creative marketing. This enables me to seamlessly integrate into your company or agency as an in-house consultant, acting as a bridge between technical precision and creative innovation.

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How can I help you?

+32 497 37 25 74

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Build your website or webshop

Logo & (re)branding • Graphic Design

Campaign Creation & Managagement • Content Strategy and Creation • UI/UX

In-house consultancy &

marketing support

+3 years of experience

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How can I help you?

+32 497 37 25 74

Created a website for APC Canada

Webdesign, webdevelopment, copywriting

Created a website for LASPETRALIAS

Webdesign, webdevelopment, created and enhanced visuals with AI

Created an award-winning website for Sundo

Webdesign, webdevelopment, custom 2D animation, copywriting

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